Monday, 29 December 2008

Karate Kicks

Boxing day did see me venture to the sales as soon as the doors opened, although I managed to pick up a few key jewellery finds - such as a beautiful pair of chunky hooped earrings from All Saints - I was less than impressed with the sales and left with a disappointedly low number of shopping bags. My brothers on the other hand did the opposite - I think that the sales were definitely better for menswear, in design and a distinct lack of shopping competition, as my boyfriend found out when I came back laden with post-Christmas gifts.

I had planned on seeing in the New Year with a new wardrobe, however when you’re on a credit crunching budget like me, a wardrobe sort out is more likely. Hopefully it will unearth some beautiful finds that I’d forgotten all about – I particularly desire a vintage brown, aged, leather handbag the size of a weekend bag, hopefully I’ll find one lurking at the back of wardrobe. This would be incredibly useful as where else I am supposed to keep my winter goodies such as lipgloss, hand cream, hat, gloves, scarf, tissues, extra socks, cardigan…I think you’ve got the picture.

Thankfully this year I won’t have to fret about a New Year’s Eve outfit in the conventional sense as I’m going to a fancy dress party with an ‘MTV’ theme. Now before anybody cracks any Britney MTV comeback gags - I’m thinking about going in a Lily Allen get up with full-on pink prom dress, trainers, bling and a karate kick for any paparazzi that get in my face, keep posted for images. Let me know if anyone spots my current desire; a vintage brown, leather handbag.


  1. hey lovely,

    thanks for your comments and following the blog. I've added you to my roll! Be sure to add me as well.

  2. yes ...big brown bag...a must...I have been neglecting mine :s

  3. love the big brown bag!
    ps: thanks for the sweet comment dear, I have added you to my blog roll--add me to yours too :)

  4. Such a gorgeous bag!
    I'll add your blog to my links, as you've asked...


  5. thoughtsaboutfashion30 December 2008 at 21:06

    ´ll be grat so i´m not in your list?

  6. That is a really gorgeous bag!

    I hope you have a wonderful NYE :D

  7. thank you very much and yes sure, i'l add you to my blog list! :D
    cool costume idea!!

    have an amazing new year

  8. hello!!

    What a great blog! Love the bag! I really need something new for me and this bag is a great inspiration :)

    Thanks a lot for passing at my blog, It´s an honor for me!

    a kiss for you
    I wish you a great 2009!!

  9. I have something just like that bag, it's one of my favourites but it's costing me a small fortune in repairs, vintage upkeep is pricey!

  10. That brown bag is really cool! I've should buy a brown one.. I only have black, red and green. And I love Lily's style and especially her new song!

  11. thank you! hah totally, let's link.

  12. Now there's a must-have!

    Great blog babe, and we can definitely swap links... just let me know!

    Happy New Year love.