Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Return of the Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is making its return to a high street near you. However it is a trend that fills me with joy but also a little trepidation.
The jumpsuit is notoriously difficult to wear; it demands four-inch killer stiletto heels, bags of confidence and the body of Giselle or Uma Thurman, which means that it does not translate well on the high street.
It is a trend that is often worn so badly that I grimace at the mere thought of it. A successful jumpsuit needs to be minimal, รก la Stell McCartney.
However when a jumpsuit is worn well, you cannot help but stop and stare in wonder. The slick, streamline silhouette leaves us breathless, it is sexy without being overtly so. Just look at Selma Blair for the ultimate example.
For these reasons the jumpsuit has to be a hit, however please wear with caution…

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  1. The jumpsuit has really grown on me. At first I never paid a lot of attention to it until I saw Gwyneth Paltrow in it and she looked slammin!! I have to get one, it is so sexy without being too overt. BTW I have added you to my blog roll.