Monday, 2 February 2009

Alexa Chung: Decoded

Alexa Chung is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion icons of the present day. She has developed a style that is immediately recognisable and is one of the most-copied look of past year. It is the look that everyone wants yet seldom gets right; what is it that makes this look so successful?

Every street, club, shop and magazine seems to be channeling Alexa's style, and why not, she is the epitome of effortless chic. This girl has the skill to achieve what very few can; to look like you have not tried, and to look good with it. Having an indie boyfriend on your arm also can't harm your style status...

Now for those of you , who like me, want to add a little bit of 'Alexa' to our wardrobes you'll be pleased to know that there are some very easy style tips to abide by. Firstly, Alexa never wears tights, bare legs are a given. Secondly, long pendents are worn with anything and everything. Then there's the matter of the cut of the clothes; Alexa always opts for classic cuts giving her a timeless look, this teamed with vintage accessories, a boyfriend blazer and bed-head hair finish the look.

However what makes this girl's fashion sense so enviable is that she has such natural style and never ceases to amaze us with her ingenious piecing together of outfits, take the pink velvet Luella ruffle dress at the Elle Awards as a prime example. Alexa we adore thee.


  1. i love alexa she is definetly a style icon for this generation.

    she looks amazing all the time, I've never once, hated any of her outfits.


  2. I love her pink 80s style dress :)

  3. Wow, with a picture of a breton t-shirt on the first page AND beautiful pictures of cupcakes, I am definitely up for trading blog links!! You should be up on mine very shortly.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your blog looks great. I am happy to swap links and have added you to my blogroll.

  5. Of course we can exchange blog links, I really like your blog :)
    Thanks fir all your nice comments xxx

  6. I agree with your sidebar list's item about the French pedicures. UGH! Let's all grow our toenails and make them obvious to everyone!

    You've got a great blog, I'm about to add you, and thanks for stopping by mine. It seems we have similar writing styles :)

    I may have to get in touch next time I'm in London so you can show me all the hidden shopping treasures (if that's not being too bold!


  7. I do love her style, I really like the first image. I hate how everyone has copied it now but all made the same mistake of making it so schoolgirl that her reputation has been muddied a little.
    Also you are so right about the classic cuts - never underestimate the perfect silhouette and fit.

    I would love to exchange links (:

  8. I like a lot of Alexa's laid back style - she can pull off a lot of outfits that others can't.

    I'd love to do the link exchange, by the way - I'll add your blog to my list now! :) xxx

  9. Aaaah no Alexa Chung is overexposed!

  10. I think a lot has got to do with her face to be honest. She has a unique yet beautiful face which ensures that she can carry off clothes effortlessly. ;) x

  11. I do like her style but I think her style is quite imitable.

  12. She looks good granted, but it's pretty high street on trend stuff and she is a model, everything looks good on her! Its not such a challenge to look good when you are a clotheshorse!!

  13. she never, ever makes a faux pas, too timeless for that. And yes, I'd love to exchange links!

  14. alexa is simply a natural at being stylish

    comeby the blog sometime
    the weekly blogette

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  16. I don't disslike her style but I don't get that excited by her either. I like the first picture.

  17. I like Alexa Chung's style, but I wouldn't say she's a fashion icon. To be a fashion icon, in my opinion you have to be on the fashion stage for more than a few years and you have to be able to influence more generations. Alexa has yet to prove that. And although I like her style [that first outfit!!! <3 <3] I wouldn't say her style is THAT unique. If you showed me a picture of only her clothes, without her face, I wouldn't probably be able to tell for sure "That is Alexa!!", whereas I would recognize a Jackie O outfit immediately.

    It was very interesting reading "Alexa's style tips" though. I don't think I could live without tights though - I love my opaque tights ^^

    By the way, I already added your link!


  18. ha ha! I managed to link you!

    loving your work! xx

  19. I LOVE Alexa's style, and most importantly, I love that she doesn't shy away from speaking her mind on all sorts of touchy topics which mags usually like to shy away from.

    We've linked you and would love to be linked. Thanks for dropping by.

  20. hey, I really like your blog so I tagged you for a blog award thing. You'll find the picture for it on my blog (:

  21. The Elle awards dress is so, so, so cute!
    I'd love to swap links, will add you asap!

  22. She has an ease but I see so many 'Alexas' daily. She looks nice but I think she emulates Carine Roitfeld a wee bit!

  23. Alexa's style works because she is the girl next door. She wears workable items that you can find on the high street and are imitated by those who walk the high street. Like Kate Moss and Siena Miller we love her because she is one of us.

  24. Isn't her boyf from the artic monkeys too?!