Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Style Secrets

Now, we all want the style secret of how to look effortlessly chic 100% of the time. I don’t profess to know this ever-lusted secret however I will try to give a few tips which will improve the way you think about your style. The inspiration for this post? I’ve decided that I have nothing in my wardrobe and have had to reassess my style situation today.
1. Invest in classics – Particularly in this current climate where belts are being tightened daily and our shopping allowances are slowly diminishing, it is essential to purchase investment pieces which have both longevity and flexibility in the wardrobe. Everyone ought to have a classic white shirt, blazer, tailored trousers, high heels, the perfect-fit jeans, flat shoes and a little black dress. I always buy my classic white shirts from Gap which never fail to please.
2. Know your size – This is such a vital part of the shopping experience; you can cut hours off a shopping trip by knowing your shape. Firstly, you need to work out what body shape you have, what styles flatter you and the areas you should hide. In time you ought to be able to look at an item in a shop and know instantly whether it will make you look like fabulous or frumpy.
3. Have a fail-safe outfit – It’s important to have an outfit that works perfectly for you, particularly useful for those rushed mornings when you simply have nothing to wear.
4. Learn to love colour – Using Kiera as our inspiration we can see how to wear colour with style. Colour can really lift an entire outfit and your mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment colour whether it be with clothing, accessories, make-up or jewellery. That’s not to say that we all need to ditch black and turn to neons as even a black outfit can be lifted greatly by accents of colours.
5. Dress to please yourself – You should wear exactly what you like; don’t dress for other people. If you feel confident and satisfied with your style then that is enough.


  1. Great post and great advice! Thanks.

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I love your blog too! Will definitely add you to my list xx