Monday, 9 March 2009

Cheryl Cole: Love or Hate?

WAG Cheryl Cole has transformed herself from another celebrity manufactured from the reality TV machine to the nation’s sweetheart over the past year, Cole Is one fifth of Girls Aloud and has become increasingly bigger n the public eye as an individual since becoming a judge on the X-factor panel in 2008.

As part of the super-styled Girls Aloud and X-factor judge, Geordie Cole has become famous for her sleek and on-trend outfit, her perfectly coiffered mane and those dimples. High Street name Dorothy Perkins have even been trying to cash in on her status with an NYC style ‘I heart Cheryl Cole’ t-shirt.

However, for me Cheryl is merely a product of celebrity styists and is emblematic of overstated WAG-chic along with fellow footballers partners Alex Curran and Coleen McLoughin – after all I failed to see a single tracksuit on the runways at the A/W 09 fashion weeks.

Don’t get me wrong - Cheryl has her charm and a definite likeability factor, (when not trying to out stage her contestants) however are her outfits really worth the cult-like status they have gained has amongst many across the country?

What are your thoughts on Cheryl’s fashion choices? Does she lead or merely follow where others have been before? My conclusion is the latter.


  1. Actually I agree with you. She just has a good stylist...especially if you see photos of how she used to dress compared to how she dresses now!

  2. Cheryl Cole Pics10 March 2009 at 08:05

    Yeah, I agree with you... Cheryl Cole is really hot.. thanks for the pics

  3. I think Cheryl is a very pretty lady who has a nice and safe wardrobe. She is no fashion icon as she does not take any risks and wears a lot of on trend outfits. Her look is very generic and on the verge of bland. Maybe if she gets a new hair cut and changes her make up she might have a valid reason for being on the best dressed list.

  4. her style has definitely improved and is amazing lately - she always looks gorgeous.


  5. I like cheryl as a person but to be honest i was a bit annoyed when she was on the cover of British vogue feb 09. I like the things she wears but to me they dont describe what 'vogue' is about. i think she should stick to heat magazine.

  6. I'm not mad on her, everything about her seems very fake and manufactured. Remember, she was a hefty 'chav' just a few years ago.. the powers of personal trainer, cosmetic surgery, hair + make up, and stylist are incredible. Check this out:

    "The amazing transformation of Cheryl Cole from working class convict to A-list celebrity" (!)

  7. T-Shirt and Tails12 March 2009 at 17:55

    I love it - very true! She's done a huge u-turn from the assault on the toilet assistant several years ago to the nations sweetheart.

    She's just too 'done' and simply a product of a great team.

  8. fearless by design14 March 2009 at 00:09

    I love cherhylvas like a person her style just makes her more likeable but I mean her style isn't that bad. I think she's a celeb that most women can imitate and I think its working for her:)

  9. Pretty girl but that thigh tattoo is not attractive to me!

  10. Guys, she's as real as real can be. If you haven't met her, please don't judge her. I met her at the Out Of Control Girls Aloud tour, and she was such a darling. Newcastle being as it is, all screamed and chanted for Cheryl (since she's from Newc herself) and she came running over to her fans to chat to them and sign things of everyones. She thanked everyone for the support, and was geniunly a lovely girl.