Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Eco-Love: Zac Goldsmith

This morning I arrived at the office flustered after catching a glimpse of my current eco-crush, the aristocratic environmentalist Zac Goldsmith.

I noticed Zac as he stepped out of the Daylesford Organic Café, a favourite with eco-lovers, with his lunch in hand (no doubt it was both organic and had zero air miles). It was definitely him with those boyish good looks, tousled hair and effortlessly chic suit and crisp white shirt.

However my schoolgirl dreams were shattered as he turned around and it was not Zac Goldsmith at all but an imposter. My heart bleeds, I haven’t felt this dejected since Take That broke up.

Perhaps my mistake can be put down to my bleary eyed, windswept state or maybe it was simply a case of wishful thinking…


  1. Hi there!

    I am in my final year at saint martins making a magazine. I am looking for people who work in fashion to answer a few short questions. I saw that you work in PR and wondered if you would be interested in being involved?


  2. haha, shame it wasn't him

    *true* Eco Warriors wouldn't go to the Daylesford Organic cafe which is 1% about saving the planet, 99% about being on the eco 'trend'.. AA Gill wrote an amusing review of it in Sunday Times Style mag a few weeks ago.. suffice to say he wasn't impressed..