Sunday, 22 March 2009

Having a Mid-Life Crisis? Get a Pair of Coloured Loafers

Coloured loafers seem to be gradually littering the pages of lifestyle magazines as we step into spring, much to my bemusement.

When did coloured loafers, or as they’re pretentiously referred to ‘driving shoes’, ever become part of mainstream men’s fashion, and more importantly why? Surely this is merely a trend for those in a mid-life crisis who want to assert their youth again by wearing garish colours or Eurotrash playboys?

This theory is confirmed by the brand Fin’s who specialise in brightly coloured slip-ons. As the story goes Alex Finlay designed these loafers for her playboy friends, naming them after desirable jet-set hotspots such as Portofino, St. Tropez, Hamptons, you get the idea.

With ten brash colours to choose from, you too can look like a fat balding self-made nightclub-owner who has just stepped off a yacht in Capri. Just accessorise with white jeans, pink open necked shirt, and glowing sunburn to match.


  1. I need your advice T-shirt and Tales: with the start of Spring/Summer 09, what is the well dressed young male quarter-life crisis victim wearing?

    Can I rely on classic black jeans, second-hand suit jackets and my ironic tie for low-skill low-pay employee? Or do I need to invest in a radical new look?

    Please help, I have no sense of style...

  2. I lovvve these! So cheerful. And that Laurelle Gilbert ring is amazing!

  3. T-Shirt and Tails4 April 2009 at 13:09

    David, you're sense of style sounds great, I love second-hand blazers and classic black jeans can never fail you.

    I think that good tailoring and understated items are the key to a successful outfit in menswear. Keep it minimal with cleans lines for a look that doesn't date and makes you look tres chic!

    I'd recommend continuing along these lines with a classic shirts, with creases, a la Burberry and Prada at Milan Fashion Week. Pick up high-quality ones at charity shops, in affluent and trendy areas, I've seen some amazing ones recently!

    I love mens brogues at the moment and think they are so versatile and effortlessly cool. Again, look out for these in charity or vintage shops.

    You'll have heads turning this spring!

    T-Shirt and Tails xxx

  4. David Abstract4 April 2009 at 21:43

    Ha, thanks for the reply T & T.

    I can never really work shirts out - I'm not keen on patterns, and I prefer dark colours with my skin tone (deathly pale) cut's down the choices a little...

    Biker boots and feminine dresses are hot all the time! ;-)

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