Friday, 6 March 2009

Trend Alert: Boyfriend Blazer

The boyfriend blazer has got to be the hottest trend of the moment; it has androgynous sex appeal, versatility and classic tailoring, what more could you ask for? The high-street has many fabulous, yet most importantly, affordable versions to snap up, from Whistles (as below) to Zara, Reiss to H&M they’re all at it.
Get yours whilst you can, my top tip, scour menwear departments and charity shops and pick up a blazer in a small.


  1. I gave my girlfriend a blazer for Christmas in 2006 - does that count as ahead of the trend or just eccentric and unfashionable? :-p

  2. the one you posted is PERFECT.
    * * *

  3. Going to vintage stores is the best way to go I think. They have a more "just stole this from my boyfriend" air. And if you go, make sure you try everything on even if it looks like it won't fit. Blazers look completely different on a hanger than on a body. Thats how I found my vintage YSL and Aquascutum blazers.