Monday, 20 April 2009

Club Tropicana

As we all know the 80s revival is in full swing and so the re-launch of the hair colourant Sun-In could not be better timed.

Sun-In has been re-introduced due to popular demand after having disappeared off the shelves last year. The resurge can be explained by the new-found love for the 80s and particularly by men wanting to recreate the sun-kissed look of their favourite 80s pop stars. Think a youthful George Michael or Simon le Bon as the lead inspirations.

Looking back at my school photos from the 1990s/2000s Sun-In was definitely the hair dye of choice as we tried to recreate the looks of our beloved highlighted bands. We were all left with the same shade of muddy blonde which was as dry as straw and patchy in places yet we all thought we looked like the extras from ‘Club Tropicana’.

However before your inner-youth goes wild with Sun-In applications, just beware that you’re hair will be dry and coarse and no self-respecting hairdresser will dye your hair until it grows out fully due to the bleach content. So once you start spraying you’ll be stuck with it for months after. I’ve learnt the hard way…

My opinion is that many trends should remain in the 80s where they started, Sun-In included.


  1. Denise @ Swelle21 April 2009 at 00:02

    UGH! Sun-In is the worst! I thought it had disappeared for good! I used it when I was much younger when my hair was naturally sun-bleached from being at the beach all summer, and I wanted to take it even further so I sprayed a bit on and it turned the remaining brown hair orange - it ruined my sun-kissed look with one application!

  2. Oh no not Sun-In!!!!! I ruined my hair with this when I was younger. It should come with a warning on the bottle!