Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Living in the 80's

The 80’s revival is in full flow with shoulder pads seen across the catwalks at Balmain (as below), Louis Vuitton and Margiela. The Krystle Carrington look has returned in a big way.
Designers have decided that power dressing is back and it is now fashion’s hot topic of the moment gaining huge momentum in magazines, blogs and celebrity wardrobes such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga.
In my opinion, shoulder pads should remain a distant memory like many 80s trends. It is not flattering to have broadened shoulders unless you have the smallest of waists to balance out. They also scream fashion victim as you can guarantee that the trend’s longevity is only a matter of months.
This spring I shall opt for a boyfriend blazer instead.


  1. I like power dressing a lot more than girls dressing up in rags with their sideboobs hanging out.

  2. I'm with you on shoulder pads.. I've just been on holiday for about 10 days and it was a complete 'fashion detox,' save reading a few mags on the beach, and now I'm back in London, frantically reading fashion sites and catching up with everything again, I just can't believe the Balmain shoulder obsession is still so strong.. somehow having gone away, refreshed the mind, and come back, the trend seems even more stale and even more unattractive than ever..

    The wide shoulders were good at Margiela, but that's because they were 'conceptual' as opposed to 80s repeats and it was actually a bit shocking when he first brought them back a few years ago, it's just Balmain that is the disaster zone, and it's quite extraordinary how many fashion editors, and normally well dressed women, have fallen under their ugly spell.

  3. I find your prediction "the trend’s longevity is only a matter of months" quite interesting, considering that the trend started in Spring of 2008(!) and was also alive and well on the catwalk for Winter 2010 fashion. Did you mean 'years' and not 'months'?