Thursday, 14 May 2009

Credit Crunch Crop

The credit crunch is creating lots of sensible and wholesome trends which your mother would be proud of, from customising your existing wardrobe to shopping for recycled/second hand clothes and learning how to bake. One of the big trends that has caught my eye is the credit crunch crop. Forget a haircut every six weeks, the credit crunch crop is all about getting your hair cut much shorter into bob/pixie/crop so that you don’t need to visit the hairdresser for the next couple of months while it grows out. Katie Holmes and Alexa Chung are the style pin-up girls for this look.


  1. ever since I cut my hair short 2 years ago its been evident that I should've done it years earlier! definitely the preferred length for me and many other fashionable ladies, katie and alexa look great in theirs, so inspiring

  2. I agree, short hair is the way to go.

  3. these hairstyles are lovely, a good idea as well! dont go for a sharp bob though, they look beautiful but need cutting literally every month!

  4. Love Katie's hair, if only I could pull that off myself!!

  5. After years of colouring and cutting my hair on a monthly basis (and becoming skint) my hair is really long now and I dyed it back to my natural shade, so all I have to do is freshen the colour once a year or so and add a fringe or more layers in the front for a change.




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