Monday, 20 July 2009

Must-have handbag items: top ten

There are some things that I simply cannot leave the house without, these are as follows:
  1. Vaseline – a must for any beauty dilemma. This versatile product can assist with dry lips, unruly brows, elongating lashes and eye make-up removal
  2. Mirror – for applying make-up, preening, checking teeth; the list is endless
  3. Lipgloss – for lips to rival Angelina
  4. Hair band/kirby grips – for those bad hair days, and rescuing our tresses from the wind and rain
  5. Phone – I’m lost without it
  6. Purse – for purchasing those much-lusted over shoes/handbag/dress
  7. Eye-liner – quick and easy application for smouldering eyes
  8. Diary – to schedule those all-important girlie drinks and gossips
  9. Sunglasses – for protection against the summer rays, if they ever-arrive…
  10. SPF30 – all-year application, particularly on face and neck, to ensure beautiful undamaged skin

What are your essential handbag items?


  1. I don't go anywhere without a note pad and pen (you always need a pen!), carmex, purse, and finally my phone; I dont know where I'd be without it!

  2. wow you're really well stocked! haha I also need lipbalm, my phone, ipod, a small digital camera, a notebook for random reminders and thoughts

  3. A pen is very useful, I always seem to be rummaging in the bottom of my bag for one!

    Jayne - I wish I always remembered to bring my camera with me as it's never there when I need it. I should put it in my bag and leave it there.

  4. Nice products, the Petroleum jell is good.