Friday, 14 August 2009

Urban Outfitters: Hot or Not?

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Urban Outfitters is entirely overrated!? After work my friend and I took a stroll to Oxford Circus for a spot of retail therapy and visited Urban Outfitters. Now, I must admit that the visual merchandising and shop design is great, they have been very successful at creating a lifestyle shop with an edgy loft-style interior which is the reason why I think it has such a following. However I do not think that the stock (poor quality and too trend driven) match this nor does the lack of staff or inflated prices, particularly on the vintage goods which are probably picked up from Brick Lane for a fiver and sold for ten-fold.
I frequently hear friends and fashion pages raving about it but I always leave disappointed and empty-handed. I have really tried to like it and have given it several chances but unfortunately I think our relationship is now well and truly over.
What are your thoughts on Urban Outfitters?


  1. Everytime I shop in Urban Outfitters, I find it extremely overpriced for items that could easily be found in a charity shop for under half the price. I do enjoy their home section and their fun bits and pieces, but I only ever purchase clothes from the sale section of their website.

  2. I went in the one at Oxford Circus the other day too! I do find a lot of it overpriced - they do stock designers at reasonable prices. It's nice that they sell homewares which are more interesting@ Disapprove of their vintage stuff though. I have bought there, a navy cable military style cardigan, but it was in the sale, £20 from £70. I'd never have spent £70, the quality just isn't there.

    I like how it's set out though, it's distinctive and pretty.

  3. Agreed, highly over priced. Give me a charity shop over that place any day of the week!