Monday, 28 September 2009

Sunday Sunday

Saturday saw my return to Blighty and the boyfriend and I spent the weekend basking in the East End sunshine, and sampling the delights of all my favourite things. We started off at the Whitechapel Gallery and then made our way up Brick Lane and to Old Spitalfields Market which was fantastic; it's good to be back.

To our surprise on our way in to the Whitechapel Gallery, we came across an art book fair which was great - don't you love it when you come across things by accident like that!? The books were beautiful and the outfits even better, I don't think I've seen so many beauties in tortoise-shell glasses before, now on my must-have list. I also spied the artist Peter Blake in all his splendour, bow-tie, braces and all, doing a book signing; however I suddenly got rather shy and felt too embarrassed to ask for a photograph with all the people swarming around him.

We then made our way up Brick Lane, which is my favourite place to be on a Sunday afternoon. I love the atmosphere, its gritty nature and the fact that you can come across anything and anyone. Beigel Bake, the Brick Lane foodie institution, was a must-stop place and I picked up a delicious cream cheese and smoked salmon beigel, yum!

We stopped by at Old Spitalfields Market which is fantastic for arts, crafts and also food. The food looked absolutely delicious, with oysters, olives, and chocolate brownies stealing the show. However I don't think I've ever seen Spitalfields Market so busy, and with a large hang-over in tow after a night on the dancefloor, a slow pace was needed for the both of us.

A trip to this area is not complete without scouring a few retro and vintage shops so we made our way to Cheshire Street and stopped in Beyond Retro. However rummaging for retro finds was not on the agenda for long as the hang-over couldn't take it and we needed to escape the dim-lit, retro utopia and head home.


  1. Fab photos! Lovely way to while away a Sunday.

  2. i really really need to go to spitalfields...every time i go home i say that i will but never do!