Tuesday, 15 December 2009

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it...

Travelling on a budget still hasn’t stopped me from doing a spot of shopping here and there. I bought this ring today from a local Columbian artisan which I have fallen in love with; my own little knuckle duster (of sorts). I love big rings and so I had to have it! Travelling is going well, I’m enjoying Bogota at the momento which has a great nightlife. I had a very European day today; I visited an art gallery and then spent the afternoon in a café having an iced latte with a friend watching the World go by, which was lovely. I have to dash now as I am getting seriously hungry and need food, and lots of it!


  1. Thats a massive ring! I can never find rings to fit my fingers, they are always too big.

  2. thats a great ring i like how its a bit see through:)...

  3. Shopping while traveling is so much better cause you get to find things nobody else will have when you go home. If you ever get a chance go to Tonala In Guadalajara, Mexico.

  4. i am living la vida jealous.
    i'd absolutely die to spend my day sip'n & chat'n w/ a gal pal after some light shopping.