Monday, 8 February 2010

Wish List

Four weeks remain of my travels and so naturally I AM beginning to think of home comforts and things that I´m looking forward to doing once I´m home. My list looks a little like this:

  1. Go shopping – I cannot wait to ditch my travelling clothes and buy some beautiful new ones. On my hit list is practically everything, too many things to mention.
  2. Wearing high heels – I have missed my heels so much more than I thought I would (however I did treat myself to a token pair in Colombia for Christmas), I will be wearing heels every day on my return and have already starting planning the outifts to go with them. Too much time on my hands on long bus journeys I think...
  3. Eating cous cous – I live on this at home, in fact it was my staple University diet, and have struggled to find it anywhere here in South America. I am craving a big bowl full of fresh vegetables, Greek yoghurt, olive oil and grilled salmon. Yum!
  4. My bed and my own bedroom – Sharing dorm rooms can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people but I´m looking forward to sleeping in a room to myself again without being woken up by the snoring of the person on the bunk below me.
  5. Daily newspaper and fashion magazines – I have missed reading the newspaper and fashion magazines so much, I do it all the time at home and it seems impossible to find my favourites here. Reading on the internet is just not the same as being curled up at home with a cup of tea and gorging on my favourite publications.
  6. Sunday markets – Brick Lane, Spitalfield, Colombia Road here I come! There isn´t a better way to spend your Sundays.
  7. London – Despite the hellish rush hour journeys, paying extortionate amounts for a round of drinks and not seeing a smile on the tube, I still can´t wait to be back in the capital.
  8. Rediscovering my wardrobe – There are so many items that I cannot wait to wear again but more so I am looking forward to rummaging through and finding all the forgotten items.


  1. I know you want to add one of my vintage leotards to your wish list!

    Take a look and let me know what you think:


  2. I can't say that what is this lady doing there.

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