Sunday, 21 March 2010

Double Denim: A Trend to Be Revisited?

Double denim seems to be back on the radar after a decade since its last resurgence. I remember rocking this trend in my early teens, along with the rest of the school on non-school uniform days (sadly all photographic evidence has mysteriously disappeared), and it is not a trend that I look back on fondly or ever want to put myself through again.

I don't care that Victoria Beckham has got David sporting the latest trend, or that fashion's darling Alexa Chung has recently been seen wearing it on the front row of fashion shows, it may work for them but not for the rest of us mere mortals. You will always look like a) a truck driver, b) a cowboy, c) Jeremy Clarkson, or d) and most likely, a member of B*Witched, and somehow I don't think this is what you want to channel.

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  1. i totally agree, and i wouldn't be caught dead in it myself..