Friday, 19 March 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am officially back in the country and freezing! I don't know how everyone has survived the winter especially as people keep telling me that I'm back just in time for spring - and it’s still cold. I have spent my days so far eating all my favourite foods, gorging on all my favourite fashion magazines, blogs and newspapers over endless cups of black tea and honey, and raiding my wardrobe to find all those forgotten pieces. Of course, I have also put my beloved travelling clothes (cut off denim shorts, vests and summer dresses) to the back of my wardrobe, after five months I don't want to see these faithfully friends again for a very long time. Since being back I had a love at first sight experience with a Rick Owens leather jacket in Liberty, however I'm not sure the price tag is suitable for an impoverished traveller, so if any trust fund boys fancy helping a damsel in distress just let me know...

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