Friday, 16 April 2010

Move Over Manolo

Anna Baxter is one of the bright, young things in shoe design today, combining cutting edge design and traditional methods. Anna is the founder of Anna Trina which specialising in designing and making beautiful handcrafted shoes in the most luxurious materials. She is currently studying for a Masters at Cordwainers, who brought us such icons as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, in Couture Menswear after receiving a first class Honours in Shoe and Accessory Design. Watch this space! Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself. I studied Art and Design at foundation level where I was introduced to shoe design; this led me to apply to the famous Cordwainers college in London. I was delighted to receive a place on the Product Design for Industry’s degree course specialising in footwear. Over 4 years I learnt how to design and develop shoes from design through to production, including a year in Totnes spent making shoes at Conkers. I produced a final collection of women’s footwear incorporating hand made lace. I was so enamored with shoemaking that I decided to continue with a Masters degree which would allow me to develop my bespoke making skills to a higher level. Q2. What projects are you working on at the moment? Currently, I'm starting to design my final collection for my Masters degree, designing for couture menswear; I am combining hand shaved fur with quality craftsmanship and traditional brogue styling. Q3. What are your biggest inspirations? Inspiration is all around us, for this project I was inspired by a trip to New York, the skyline and building reliefs were drawn upon for deign work, while the dominance of fur wearing in New York inspired me to use this luxurious material, which is not traditionally used within footwear. Q4. If you could dress any man who would it be, and why? Justin Timberlake, a bit random I know but if you look at his style over the years it has really evolved, I don't think he is afraid to take risks or wear something that would make him stand out so in my eyes he would be my perfect man to dress.
Q5. What is your best tip when buying shoes? My best tip when buying shoes is to go for quality, you really do get more for your money!
Q6. What is your favourite place to buy shoes? Spain is amazing for buying shoes; they have some really eccentric styles but maintain a high quality. Q7. What shoe trends should we look to this season? Wooden soles including clogs will be big this season and next, with a sportier look with straps and Velcro coming into play next spring summer, the sky high heel is being put to the back of the closet to be replaced with far more sensible kitten heels.
Q8. Where do you stand on the low heels are the new high heels debate? Yes they are! Q9. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? I would have said Alexander McQueen but sadly that will never be possible I would love to work with Vivienne Westwood a style legend.
Q10. What next after you finish your masters? Ideally I will work with a couture or high end designer label in a technical role which will still allow me to continue my love of shoemaking. Eventually I would like to open a small hand made shop specialising in hand made goods, stocking bags, belts and jewelery with a small workshop to make bespoke shoes in, that’s the dream!

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