Thursday, 17 June 2010

American Apparel Dresscode and Hiring Policy

The American Apparel press office must be working through the night at the moment with all the rumours that have come to light recently, not to mention that the brand is already facing bankruptcy. So, it seems that American Apparel have a strict hiring and dresscode policy. This week revealed that applicants have to send in a full head-toe body shot of them when applying for a job. American Apparel moles have been coming to in crowds telling them exactly what goes on behind-the-scenes. One ex-employee reported that “The only girls that were not totally emaciated were forced to work back-stock. So as not to disgust the customers with their average-sized hips.” Full details of the official dress code can be found on The Cut blog. Highlights include formal warnings for chipped nail varnish, girls being told to grow out their eyebrows and the best one of them all; mascara colour should compliment skin and haircolour. All dresscode ‘don’ts’ are justified with “It is not part of the direction we’re moving in”. So, I’m assuming that all those who support the brand for ethical reasons will think again. Suddenly bankruptcy for the brand doesn’t seem so far away.

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