Thursday, 19 August 2010

Coat Frustration

I, like many others, am getting very exciting about the autumnal chill in the air for one reason. The change of season means a change in wardrobe.

I've found myself recently reading any fashion magazines, sites and blogs I can get my hands on for the best in A/W clothing, particularly the winter coat. Now, one thing that annoys me more than anything is when an item is featured, and for it to be out of stock when the article is published - what is the point of featuring it!?

I found this last week with the amazing long, camel, double breasted coat (as worn below by the stylish Natalie Hartley) which was featured in The Times fashion supplement showcasing the best in winter coats.

As soon as I saw this I scoured to purchase the coat only to find that it was no longer in stock and nor would it be re-stocked.

What is the point of featuring a coat that your readers cannot buy? Surely it defeats the whole object of newspaper short-lead fashion features where the pieces are supposed to be instantly accessible to the reader and not restricted to the same time restraints that long-lead monthly magazines are?

My plea to short-leads is: please try and feature items currently in stock when your article is published, not a month before when you are brainstorming the piece!


  1. i found the coat in my closet all not long enough and all black...i need to change

  2. i love the Asos as well got a dress from them