Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Week Summarised

Watching: Can't wait to start watching the Mad Men box set this weekend with my friend whilst having red wine and pizza. Yum!

Looking forward to: Sunshine and pay day

Listening to: Joe Purdy, San Jose. I forgot how good this song was

Feeling: Sleepy and can’t wait for a weekend lie-in

Wish list: Cos Breton T-Shirt

Wearing: Can’t stop wearing my brogues at the moment. Although my friend did ask me if I was wearing his dad’s shoes. Not cool

Craving: A big fat fruit smoothie

Wishing I never: Had that extra glass of red wine last night at the pub quiz, however it’s to be excused as I was celebrating our third place win

Tears of laughter: The surprise dance round at the pub quiz (The Westbury). A big shout out to the girl who did the forward roll on the wooden floor, and the British Ricky Martin and his snake hips. A-may-zing!


  1. Wow, nice collection you have got. The red wine seems to be very tasty. I have never tried it but would like to taste once.