Thursday, 17 March 2011

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, March 2011

Last weekend I went with the boyf to the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park.

It was my second time visiting the fair, and I wanted to enjoy it as much as I had the time previously, but unfortunately I found it a disappointment.

The fair just felt very disjointed this time, with the various artistic genres juxtaposed, and the quality letting it down.

Next time it would be great to see the genres grouped into sections, making it a customer-friendly experience, and also a higher standard of art.

I assume that the stands are filled by whichever gallery offers their money but there really ought to be a panel that judges each application on its own merit.

It’s a shame as I think that art can often be very exclusive so events like this really open it up to the wider audience.

Fingers crossed for next time!

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