Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tom Tom Jewellery

I was really struck when I saw the TomTom jewellery collection for the first time recently when it launched in the UK. It manages to marry both statement and wearable pieces, which is no easy feat.

Aptly named ‘Future 70s’ the collection is 70-inspired with a nod to the decade’s futuristic architectural design teamed with geometric patterns. It is a striking collection that is sure to rival the likes of Dominic Jones. Good luck!


  1. this is really nice jewellery! thanks for showing this because i hadnt heard of it before and it looks like my kind of style...lets hope the prices arent the same as dominic jones...

  2. I know, the collection is amazing; I have my eyes on the necklace! The prices aren't quite as much as Dominic Jones but they still require a little saving...