Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Danish Knitwear

KAFFESLABBERAS // MADS AND ERNA (SUBTITLED) from Kaffeslabberas on Vimeo.

Danish knitwear is big news at the moment, from the Faroese jumper made famous from 'The Killing' to Malene Birger's minimalist designs. However, the knitwear making the biggest waves in the world of fashion at the moment comes from a local Kaffeslabberas (the equivalent of a knitting group) made up by ten elderly women.

These women are creating some of the most popular items in Copenhagen, for a wide range of designers, after their talents were spotted at a local Christmas fayre by a designer working for Vibskov. They now produce items for several Danish designers, including Vibskov. This is such a fantastic way of making good use of key craftsmanship and expertise within fashion, and to support local talent.

The latest Kaffeslabberas project is a book, featured in the video above, of knitwear patterns commissioned by Danish designers. The video is very endearing and well worth a view!

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  1. very nice your clothing. i like it. Thanks for sharing us.