Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chocolate Factory N16

You will find the Chocolate Factory hidden away on a side street off the bustling Stoke Newington High Street. It is home to artists, print makers and sculptures alike, all housed in green house-esque studios. The setting is very quaint; an unexpected surprise as you come off the High Street.

As we walked in we were greeted by the smell of mulled wine and the sight of people busy mulling in and out of each studio. The first studio we walked into was of Catherine Hennessy. Inside the studio was a selection of paintings and tables lined with sketchbooks, they were filled with snippets of everyday life, reading like a visual diary. Catherine had aptly described the diary as her own Twitter account.

Inside the sketchbooks were paintings and sketches of daily life, from meals eaten to a morning jog, clothes bought to art trips. The sketches were beautiful, refreshing and honest. From the 2lbs gained one day to the most delicious meal eaten at home. These were the highlight of the afternoon for me and have inspired me to keep my own diary/sketchbook.

(My friend Kate at the Chocolate Factory N16)

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  1. Those journals are so beautiful, Catherine Hennessy is so talented!!