Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Maddy and Monette

Sometimes you see something and you simply can’t draw your eyes away. This was recently the case with the photography of Maja Daniels, and her project ‘Monette and Mady’.

Maja has started a long-term project which documents the lives of these identical twins. She used to see Monette and Mady together near her Parisian apartment and was fascinated by them. Years later she approached them. What makes the project so interesting is not just the aesthetics but the sociological aspect to Daniels’ work.

Monette and Mady are inseparable, and endearingly they refer to themselves as “I” instead of “we”. They spend most of their free time scouring vintage shops and markets for identical outfits and jewellery.

These photos are the first on an ongoing project so keep posted for more.

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