Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gallic Style

I am having a moment for Gallic style right now. This may be because I've been pouring myself over hundreds of photos from our friends across the channel at Paris Fashion Week. From the epitome of French cool, Isabel Marant, to the forefront of minimalist chic, Celine.
The Guardian thankfully have pulled together a fantastically styled shoot in this weekend's fashion pages, and I have been transfixed for the past few days, busily writing my spring/summer wish list. The first outfit from APC I would happily wear from head to toe (faux pas or not).


  1. The one I would prefer wearing is the ash top and pink skirt. But not to plainy. I would definitely hunt for a printed floral shoe

  2. i would also prefer the the pink skirt and (black+white) top, girl is looking beautiful.
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