Sunday, 8 July 2012

Carven Summer 2013

Carven have created my favourite fashion ad campaign for the summer. The ad features 12 models wearing the structured yet easy-to-wear summer 2013 collection. The designs are varied, consisting of a range of colours, prints and styles within the collection. My personal favourite pieces are the red stilettos (far right), the navy blazer (centre) and the print skirt suit (third from right). 

The ad design is simple, with the models standing and sitting in a stark room which is contrasted by the bright wild flowers in the background. The foliage really brings out the colours in the designs. I love the recent trend that we're seeing where brands are starting to show many looks in one ad campaign. This way we can get a better idea of what the collection has to offer, rather than seeing one element of it. A great example of this are the recent Tommy Hilfiger ad campaigns (below).  

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