Thursday, 26 July 2012

Street Feast London

Last Friday night, my boyfriend and I
decided to check out the Street Feast London food market down the road in
Dalston. Street Feast London is a one-stop gathering for many of London’s most
coveted food stalls in a car park off Kingsland Road, and it certainly didn’t

There were around 15 stalls all
serving a variety of delicious food from jerk chicken to dim sum, and West
Indian grilled fish to spare ribs. We decided to share our portions so that we
could try more of the goods on offer. We sampled the much-hyped Big Apple hot
dog, lamb jalfrezi Bangra Burger and a slice of the Home Slice zucchini and
asparagus pizza. All of which were delicious, so much so that we are returning
with a group of friends tomorrow night.

The great thing about Street Feast
London was the atmosphere surrounding the place. There’s a great bar, organised
by the Camden Brewery, and the place was packed full of people enjoying a gourmet
Friday evening.  The list of vendors is
on a rotating list so you should see something different each Friday of the
summer. Although, be warned that the place gets packed by 7.30/8pm but don’t
let that put you off. 


  1. OMGSH That looks delicious! I want a Bhangra burger!

    I live in Brooklyn NY and we have a fantastic food fair there too even though it can get pretty expensive. $16 for a lobster roll?!

  2. It was delicious; so much so that I even returned last night to Street Food London.

    Hmmm, $16 for a lobster burger is expensive. I'll Fed Ex you a few treats! :)