Saturday, 29 September 2012

Stella McCartney for Adidas A/W

Stella McCartney has just launched her A/W range for Adidas as part of their established sports collaboration. I have been lucky enough to sample some of the range recently courtesy of the PR and have been road testing the above items at my local gym (clockwise: Studio Image Parka, Run Graphic Tee, Run Seven-Eights Tights and Laptop Bag).  

The idea of the collection is to design a collection which reflects the style of each of the major fashion capitals which are captured above (L-R: New York, London, Milan and Paris). My favourite is the Milan capsule collection, it encapsulates 
 Milanese style by being sleek, chic and most importantly, black. Just as we have become to rely on with Stella, the items look great but most importantly are a great fit and incredibly comfortable which is key when pounding that treadmill. 

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