Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rituals, Perfection Volume Mascara

The one make-up product that I just can’t do without is mascara. Some days it’s all I wear and so it has become a bit of an obsession. I'm a beauty junkie; I love trialling new shades, products and looks. 

I have tried and tested many different mascaras over the years, of varying price points and brands, however have never been able to stray away from my trusty Maybelline Volum’ for long. That is until I experimented with Rituals.

I’ve recently been trialling the Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara after being impressed with their other products (FYI – the eye shadows have incredible pigment!). The mascara is perfect for building long, Penelope Cruz-esque lashes. The brush is a chunky affair that collects plenty of mascara to create both definition and thick, lush lashes.

Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara is also a great price point at only £13. Sorry Maybelline, after decade-long romance, I’ve moved on. 

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