Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Penelope Chilvers Resort

I recently visited the Penelope Chilvers Resort Collection press day to take a look at the A/W resort line featuring the much-coveted velvet slippers and Chelsea boots. Before I attended the event, I was unaware of Penelope’s designs (shame on me), however now I am a complete convert.

Chilvers has managed to create functional, comfortable and stylish footwear with an injection of humour, which is a tough feat.  Practical shoes often look just that, and so it’s a rarity to find an entire collection that you just want to take home and stockpile in your wardrobe.

For me, the beauty is in the detail with Chilvers’ designs, from the neon elasticated feature on the Chelsea boots, to the embroidered designs on the velvet slipper. No wonder the fabulous buyers in Matches have just snapped them up!