Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Björk and Son, Juergen Teller

Bjork and Son, Juergen Teller

 Arts pages, fashion blogs and the cultural Twitterati are all raving about Juergen Tellers’ latest photography exhibition. Teller’s Woo! exhibition, housed at London’s ICA, is celebrating the work of his fashion and commercial photography, presenting iconic celebrity portraits amongst landscapes and family portraits.

I’ve yet to go but am currently flicking through my diary to find a free Saturday to visit with friends. The one image from the exhibition that caught my eye is one of Björk and her son taken in a natural spring in Iceland. The photograph is striking in terms of its simplicity, humour and honesty.

Teller is renowned for his intense and provocative photography of strong characters so I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the exhibition has in store.

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