Monday 25 November 2013

Corinne Day Exhibition - May the Circle Remain Unbroken

Corinne Day Book, May the Circle Remain UnbrokenCorinne Day, May the Circle Remain Unbroken
Corinne Day's photography inspired and excited a generation of creatives. Her images are realist, raw and centred around the youth culture; she created a whole sub-culture which has gained her legions of fans. Day's infamy grew for the Vogue photo shoot in 1993, featuring a young and grunge Kate Moss, depicting the 90s beautifully. The candid images scandalised many and saw Day ostracised from the mainstream fashion media for some time, with Corinne later to return to the fashion and art world.

Sadly, Day died in August 2010 but 'May the Circle Remain Unbroken' brings together unseens works that feature both collaborators and friends. The exhibition at the Gimpel Fils Mayfair Gallery has now finished but there is the beautiful accompanying book to satisfy any Corinne Day fix.


  1. @DesignersMakers & @AndazLondon fantastic Collaboration.

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