Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Introducing T-Shirt and Tails

T-Shirt and Tails is an eclectic blog following my musings on fashion, beauty, style and with a dash of entertainment thrown in to the mix. It will follow my current loves, likes and dislikes in the world of style. Right now, I have my eyes on the January sales to bag some bargains, on my wish list I have:

1. Cropped blazer: to be worn with the sleeves turned up, t-shirt and biker boots or to be dressed up with a dress and heels. 2. Flat black patent pumps: it’s unbelievable how elusive these have been this season particularly if you don’t want them with embellishments, bows or studs. 3. Faux fur coat preferably cropped: I’ve been desperate for a faux fur coat for years and scour every charity and vintage shop that I pass in the hope that I shall find the perfect thick chestnut brown beauty à la Angelina Jolie in Changeling, yet all I find are poor threadbare pretenders. If you have spied a coat of this description please let me know. 4. Leather biker jacket: I’d love an edgy cropped Rick Owens biker jacket to be worn with lashings of liquid eyeliner, as seen on model Jessica Stam, however unfortunately my bank account won’t allow it, so I’m seeking a high street imitation with a cooler price tag. A lesson can be learnt from Alexa Chung in how to work one during the day.

5. Skinny tux trousers: I’ll be hunting down a classic pair of tux trousers to see me through the party season – what’s left of it anyway... However the ultimate question is do I brave the cold Boxing day morning and venture to the sales along with the endless crowds with my elbows raised in preparation for battle or do I stay in the warmth in my pyjamas feasting on roast turkey sandwiches and other Christmas goodies? Any advice? Have a fabulous Christmas xxx


  1. loveee ittt!!!!
    will add you to my blogroll

  2. Saw the changeling and completely know what you mean about her coat, i was drooling over the dropwaist button detail!
    Have you been asking at the counter for coats?I work in an RSPCA shop and it's a bit shady to sell even faux-fur so it's always kept in the back. And I'd advise against putting your name/number down incase one comes in because you will be forgotten!
    Hope it's a help! Love your blog

  3. Have added you in my blog links! Happy New Year! :)

  4. I love the faux fur coat idea! Is that A. Jolie? She looks amazing!!!

  5. Love this. I am looking for a nice jacket like this. and it's near impossible for me! I am not a fan of Angelina, but she does look amazing.

  6. if only i could wear a faux fur coat here in Manila!!
    happy new year :)


  7. skinny black pants are a m.u.s.t.! Love your style/blog!!