Monday, 13 July 2009

Bearing Gifts from Buenos Aires

The boyfriend has returned from his travels in Argentina at last; his long-awaited arrival was made even sweeter by the fact that he came bearing gifts! The gift in question was a beautiful dark brown handbag from Buenos Aires (seen below), with the softest leather imaginable. Needless to say that it is my new favourite item and my current handbag, which has been my faithful companion since my university days, has been made redundant. It is a great size for piling everything in – which I love to do – and is large enough to also act as an over-night bag, perfect!


  1. your boyff has a really good taste- this bag is marvellous! <3

  2. it's very simple and classic, and made sweeter by its origins.
    i would love to exchange links, but i don't have a bloglist- somehow it doesn't seem to fit well with the minimalist look i seek for my blog...

  3. Sweet boyfie you got there! The bag looks fab! You're a lucky girl x