Monday, 30 August 2010

The Best of Reading Festival 2010

I've just come back from Reading Festival and although exhausted, hungover and in need of proper food (i.e. fruit and vegetables) but I had a great time!

Here is the lowdown of my weekend:

Top three acts:
  1. Kele - Frontman of my favourite live band, Bloc Party, Kele has such a great stage presence and charisma, he was my favourite performer of the weekend. The remixed Bloc Party songs interspersed with his solo work went down a storm with the crowd! Listen to Bloc Party's 'Flux' below.
  2. The Libertines - Great to see Pete Doherty and Carl Barat reunited and playing all their classics. The atmosphere in the crowd was electric during their big numbers.
  3. Dizzee Rascal - Such an energetic performer, really gets the crowd going. Only downside was that I missed the first half of the set :(

Other highlights included Foals (loved the crowd surfing, scaling of speakers and climbing of tent supports), Los Campesinos! and The Drums.

Top three style:

  1. Pete Doherty - You either love him or hate him and I'm definitely of the former when it comes to the music. He was working the indie staples of black skinnies, fine knit jumper and black fedora. Obviously Pete Doherty was bang on trend with the minimalist look. Next gig, the aviator trend...
  2. Jonathan Pierce, lead singer of The Drums - Looking good in the perfect shade this autumn - mustard.
  3. Kele - sporting a chef's outfit but still managed to work the look with confidence.

Top three festival accessories:
  1. Floral headbands - These were everywhere this weekend on adolescent girls and boys alike who were channeling the Peaches Geldof festival look. I'll reserve judgement...
  2. Slogan t-shirts - These t-shirts were seen everywhere from the direct, 'Your tent or mine', to the charming, 'No way, you're a minger!'
  3. Morphsuit - The all-in-one suit as seen on our favourite 'Hartbeat' star Morph.

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