Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Latitude Festival Round-Up

I survived Latitude 2011 despite the torrential downpour.
I came home early Monday morning in
time for work at 9pm in London (what a killer!),
however you can all breathe a sigh of relief as it was totally worth it.
The festival specialises in smaller up-and-coming acts,
the kind that are championed by 6 Music.
I really like this as you don't have such a rigid schedule of must-see artists that you compile weeks in advance for the likes of Glasto;
you simply go on recommendations,
hunches and whatever you happen to be walking past.
My top three this year were:
1. Suede (what a performance from Brett Anderson!)
2. Foals (although could have done
without the over-excited school-leavers moshing)
3. Seasick Steve (the old Southern belle is such a charismatic performer)
As you can probably gather from the photos, the special thing
about Latitude is the arts scene.
You can literally just spend your day's walking around the site,
and through the forest surrounding it on both sides,
finding charming installations and performances.
For instance in the forest alone there was a 'knitted Narnia' (above and below),
a mysterious dressing up shed and art-house films being projected to name but a few.
The night was the most exciting part though as when the music finished
on the main stages the DJs came out in force.
There were DJs everywhere from one in a garden shed
to another playing 90s dance in a teepee.
Such fun!

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