Monday, 22 August 2011

Shopping Spree: American Apparel, Topshop and Uniqlo

This weekend I went on a small-scale shopping spree, to buy some basics for my wardrobe. Here is what I came home with (from top left):

1. Uniqlo grey skinny jeans - I have been meaning to try Uniqlo's jeans for ages as so many people say they are the best on the high street. This has been confirmed!

2. American Apparel V-Neck T-Shirt - If these are good enough to grace the wardrobe of the Olsen twins...

3. Topshop grey round-neck jumper - The perfect style for lounging round the house, and dress-down days.

4. American Apparel bra - Super-comfortable and eye-catching. I love the bikini-esque feel. Forever summer!

5. More American Apparel V-Neck T-Shirts and bras - Can you tell there was a deal on? Buy three save 15%

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