Friday, 11 May 2012

Penhaligon's Peoneve

It has taken five years and finally I have a new scent. I’ve been disloyal to my firm favourite, Chanel Chance, and after attending the launch last week, I have started to wear the latest creation from Penhaligon’s: Peoneve.

The main fragrance note is Peony, alongside a head note of Violet Leaf; it’s the perfect perfume for an English summer. 

I met with Nathalie Vinciguerra, the Head of Fragrance Development at Penhaligon’s, and she was the most incredible ambassador for the fragrance. It was a lovely change from most other product launches, as she was so passionate and insightful (unlike the forced sales pitch of most PRs…)

Peoneve was developed as a young and modern perfume to compliment the English summer. The inspiration for the perfume was femininity and pleasure. Well guess what – I’m female and it gives me pleasure to wear it. For once the boyf was impressed as well…

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