Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hampstead Affordable Art Fair Review

Last Thursday, I went to visit the Hampstead Affordable Art Fair for their launch night. I always enjoy the Hampstead AAF as it is much more manageable than its Battersea sister, closer to my house, and allows me to discover up-and-coming artists.

The fair is a great way to make purchasing art accessible and affordable to all, and doesn’t require you to be an art expert or a Russian oligarch to take part.  All art is priced between £40 and £4000, and this year there has been a focus on including more compositions under £500. In my opinion, it is a fantastic opportunity for people to start collecting.

The collection was rather hit-and-miss this year. My recommendation would be to include more up-and-coming talent from recent art school graduates. This would serve two purposes: firstly, to add an element of excitement to the AAF, and secondly to ensure that the artists were stylistically worth investing in. The AAF has great potential but just isn’t there yet.  

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