Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ones to Watch in 2013

Happy New Year everyone! January isn’t renowned for being the happiest of months, after all who can manage to smile about returning to work after a long Christmas break, increased Underground fares (by 4%!!!) and a month of purging/exercise/sans vino. However, hopefully my top three highlights of 2013 will give you something to look forward to this year.

The Great Gatsby Poster

The Great Gatsby is the most hotly anticipated film of the year, what’s not to love about the glamour and hedonism of the roaring 1920s, a Baz Luhrmann remake, and a dashing Leo DiCaprio wooing Carey Mulligan in East Egg? Thankfully, after several delayed launch dates, the premier looks set to go ahead on 17 May.

Charlotte Simpson, Fashion 2013, Ones to Watch

Fashion-wise London is still very much the creative hub of up-and-coming young international talent. One designer that I can’t wait to see more from is Charlotte Simpson. Simpson is already leading the way in delicate embellishment with beautifully simple shapes and subtle translucent fabrics.

Kate Boy, Music 2013

Finally, you can’t expect to read an ‘ones to watch’ list without featuring any Scandi special guest appearances. The Nordics are on a roll right now with a plethora of must-have designers, unmissable Scandi crime dramas and addictive music. This year we expect the Swedish four-piece, Kate Boy, to become a staple on your iPod. They are already attracting quite a following despite barely releasing any information or photography about the band.

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