Wednesday, 3 April 2013

& Other Stories Wish List

& Other Stories, Clutch Bags

& Other Stories, Strappy Shoes& Other Stories, Lips& Other Stories, Lips& Other Stories, Sunglasses

At this stage in time, I feel like I am the only person not to have visited the new Regent Street & Other Stories store. Every time I open a fashion magazine, browse a fashion blog or stop and ask someone where they got their shoes/skirt/bag, & Other Stories is always the main talking point.

I am a HUGE fan of Cos and so this is particularly maddening that I haven’t been queueing up on the doorstop of its Scandi sister store. In my defence I’ve been on a self imposed shopping ban as apparently a house deposit is more important than & Other Stories, Cos, Whistles, My Wardrobe, Topshop and other close friends of mine. I shall no longer neglect these aesthetic and stylish friends in future and am back on the wagon.

This weekend is the moment where I say goodbye to my sensible rules and splurge at the Nordic brand. In anticipation of this shopping trip, I have pulled together a wish list of items (above) and will also be keeping my fingers crossed for a spring or summer this year.

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