Thursday, 23 July 2009

Viva Italia

Tomorrow I am heading to the continent for a weeks fix of sunshine and relaxation, I cannot wait. I am going to visit my grandparents in Milan and then will head to the lakes for some well-needed relaxation. Therefore I shall not be blogging for a week, but fear not I shall be back in full force next weekend with a Bill Bryson-esque, anecdote ridden, travel write-up – perhaps…

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I simply love metallics and I’m excited to see that they are making a comeback in a big way this summer. Metallics are a great way to stand out from the crows and look fantastic with minimalist accessories and sun-kissed skin. At the Serpentine Summer Party metallics were leading the way in the style stakes with both Tess Daly and Marissa Montgomery rocking the look. Daly chose a beautiful strapless dress from See by Chloè, and Marissa championed the high-street with a beautiful one-shouldered number from Topshop (another hot trend this summer). This dress is definitely on my shopping list come payday.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Vintage Dazed and Confused

After browsing through the Dazed Digital site I came across a beautiful minimalist photo shoot from their archives entitled ‘So Wot Is Wat?’ from October 1998. No wonder this shoot is so captivating, it was made by fashion royalty: modelled by a fresh-faced Kate Moss, styled by Katie Grand and the feature on designer Junya Watanabe written by Luella Bartley. I love the simplicity of it all.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Must-have handbag items: top ten

There are some things that I simply cannot leave the house without, these are as follows:
  1. Vaseline – a must for any beauty dilemma. This versatile product can assist with dry lips, unruly brows, elongating lashes and eye make-up removal
  2. Mirror – for applying make-up, preening, checking teeth; the list is endless
  3. Lipgloss – for lips to rival Angelina
  4. Hair band/kirby grips – for those bad hair days, and rescuing our tresses from the wind and rain
  5. Phone – I’m lost without it
  6. Purse – for purchasing those much-lusted over shoes/handbag/dress
  7. Eye-liner – quick and easy application for smouldering eyes
  8. Diary – to schedule those all-important girlie drinks and gossips
  9. Sunglasses – for protection against the summer rays, if they ever-arrive…
  10. SPF30 – all-year application, particularly on face and neck, to ensure beautiful undamaged skin

What are your essential handbag items?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Florence and the Machine

I just can't enough of Florence and the Machine's cover of my favourite song 'You've Got the Love' live at Glasto - check it out! Florence and the Machine - You’ve Got The Love (2009) Glastonbury, England - AOL Video

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Cigarettes and Alcohol

This weekend I went to see Oasis at Wembley which fulfilled every one of my indie fantasies and more. The set-list was full of classics, including the superb ‘Slide Away’ and 'Rock n Roll Star', which the whole crowd were going wild over. Fans were jumping, dancing and chanting in front of the stage, on their seats and in the aisles; the atmosphere was electric.
The King of indie, Liam Gallagher, was sporting his favourite straight jeans, round necked parka - which btw looked like the one from his range Pretty Green - and mod haircut. Not to be outdone by, Kasabian's Tom wowed the crowd in a fire engine red bomber. The crowd embraced the indie/mod wear too and I have never seen so many plimsolls, buttoned-up polo shirts and shaggy dos in one place before. I decided on gladiators, a black dress, long grey cardigan (belted up) and stacks of jewellery which sadly did not hold up to the torrential downpour that came with the night – I cursed myself for not bringing a trusty waterproof.
As much as I love Blur and their exciting new reform I shall always be an Oasis girl at heart!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Bearing Gifts from Buenos Aires

The boyfriend has returned from his travels in Argentina at last; his long-awaited arrival was made even sweeter by the fact that he came bearing gifts! The gift in question was a beautiful dark brown handbag from Buenos Aires (seen below), with the softest leather imaginable. Needless to say that it is my new favourite item and my current handbag, which has been my faithful companion since my university days, has been made redundant. It is a great size for piling everything in – which I love to do – and is large enough to also act as an over-night bag, perfect!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Verdict Is Out on Jelly Sandals

Jelly sandals were last seen on six-year-olds feet on pebble beaches and paddling pools, however this season marks their return to the main stream. I want to hate jelly sandals as they are everything that I despise: cheap looking, tacky and part of the ever-growing mountain of disposable fashion. However despite all of this I just can't help but love them! Jelly sandals are bright, bold and most of all great fun for the summer. I saw a girl wearing a pair this weekend and couldn't help but smile; it adds a quirky edge to an outfit and can be worn with just about anything, clashes and contradictions are readily encouraged. The fashion world has jumped at the jelly revolution with big names such as Marni, Tods and Topshop (see below) producing their own take on the nostalgic original.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fashion Magazines

Even though I know that it is a fact of life that during the summer issues fashion magazines has as many pages as a shamed MPs Christmas card list, however I still can't help feeling cheated. This month, my subscribed issue of Elle, with cover girl Emma Watson (yawn), fell on my doormat barely reaching a centimetre in width. The adverts quite easily outnumbered the content, and what content was there was bulked up by images from old shoots, already featured in several back copies, and mere page filler pieces; what happened to articles? I long for the A/W when I can get a lovely chunky magazine, with proper content, to gorge over with a pencil and paper in hand. I will make a plea to all fashion magazines to bring back the missing summer pages, as fashion occurs in the summer too y'know.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Guilty Pleasure: Street Style

I could spend hours trawling through the street style archives on fashion websites such as Elle, Vogue et al, being inspired by the chosen accessories, the pulling together of an outfit and the accompanying hair and make-up. The appeal has got to be that there are no celebrities included just mere mortals. This means that the clothes are usually high-street or vintage therefore replicas or the real thing are easily accessible, and there are no stylist involved (unless the person in question is a stylist - which half of them seem to be along with models, fashion PRs, designers and fashion students). If ever I have one of those days where I just don't know what to wear, this is my first point of call. What are your thoughts on street style features?



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